Control your jetpack2

Control your jetpack

Control your jetpack2Control your jetpack

Have you ever wanted to jetpack away from your life problems?
Deathclaws, yao guai, super mutant suiciders, homework, or relationship problems?
Now you can do just that. Well, probably not the last two, but it’s pretty close.

This small file lets you fly as long as you want, and jetpack upwards as fast as you want.

As for horizontal movement, I have no idea how that is supposed to work. Wait for the g.e.c.k?

Install this within your game directory, load it up in game, and simply type in console, ‘bat 1’

The current values are just preset values I personally deemed appropriate, and modification is easy.
Open up the txt file, and modify numbers.
This, however, does come with small side effects, as higher values result in harder to control jetpack. You’ll get used to it, though.
In certain places if you go too high you end up returning to the surface suddenly. This is the game’s issue, and cannot be worked around, I think.

I’m sharing this file, just so that you guys can enjoy a better jetpack life. Any modifications and/or developments are most welcomed!

Have fun! *jetpacks away*


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