Fallout 4 Patcher

This may not be the worlds easiest tool to use and definitely no suitable for everyone. I will try to help as best as I can but if you are unsure this tool is for you please wait a few days (or hours) when a tool which allows a more straight forward way of plugin editing is available.


A tool which allows automatic creation of plugin files according to predefined instructions provided by the user or a third party. Instructions are presented as XML files that consist of C# code for the most part.


* WIKI – Information how to get started and so on.
* API – Specific information about helpers, forms, fields and constants.
* SOURCE – The source code.

This mod itself contains no plugins or other game files but for the best experience I recommend to extract the archive to your Data folder. If the tool is run from another location the data folder must to be explicitly specified (–data option).

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