Rebalanced power armor3

Rebalanced power armor

Rebalanced power armor3Rebalanced power armor


This small mod makes every power armor have -roughly- (it misses by a few points at maxed stats) the same defensive capabilities
as the X-01 power armor so that you aren’t stuck using one power armor anymore. I suggest using this after beating the game
and having found all versions of the power armor, but do as you wish.

Littler disclaimer:

I made this mod with the intention of using it after beating the game and having found all versions of the power armor.
I was tired of being stuck with the X-01 armor while I love the very first armor in the game, but if I use it I would be
more or less crippled since the npcs in my game do 19 times more damage and I hurt them for less than in vanilla.
So the reason why this is not in the cheat section is because it is not intended for the use of cheating, just to expand
the usability of your Power Armor wardrobe. But use it as you want ofcourse.


NMM: just download and install through the manager and enable the mod in the list if it is not already.

Manual: Place the ESP file in your data folder in your Fallout 4 game folder then go to
User/Appdata/Local/Fallout4, open plugins and type the name of the ESP file EXACTLY as it shows
and put .esp behind the last letter of the name without a space, save the file and put it as read only.

WARNING!: If you can’t find the appdata folder it is most likely because it is hidden on your system,
google how to show hidden folders and it should appear.

Credits: Calotop

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