Perks and Special stats

Perks and Special stats

Its a txt with the most perks as well as the commands for 10 of each special stat.

To use it, unzip it and drop it in your fallout 4 folder (D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4) then in game drop the console by pressing ~ key and type bat perks

Bellow are the commands in the txt, i’ve also added a picture with the commands in case i missed one, tho remember that this is not how the devs intended you to play this game and if you’l use it you will do so at your own risk.

player.addperk 6167c
player.addperk 6167d
player.addperk 6167e
player.addperk 61680
player.addperk 61681
player.addperk 61682
player.addperk 61683
player.addperk 61684
player.addperk 61685
player.addperk 61686
player.addperk 61687
player.addperk 61688
player.addperk 1c501e
player.addperk 1e3ce6
player.addperk 169688
player.addperk 169689
player.addperk 16968a
player.addperk 16968e
player.addperk 169690
player.addperk 169691
player.addperk 169692
player.addperk 169695
player.addperk 169696
player.addperk 169698
player.addperk 169699
player.addperk 169693
player.addperk 8e3a6
player.addperk 92a82
player.addperk 913c1
player.addperk b6f63
player.addperk 1696a8
player.addperk 1696a9
player.addperk 1696aa
player.addperk 1696ab
player.addperk 1696ac
player.addperk 1696ad
player.addperk 1696ae
player.addperk 1696af
player.addperk 1e3cfb
player.addperk 1696b2
player.addperk 8e3a5
player.addperk 1e3d1a
player.addperk 1e3d1b
player.addperk 1e3d1c
player.addperk 1e3d1d
player.addperk 1e3d1e
player.addperk 92a6e
player.addperk 913c2
player.addperk 135f02
player.addperk 8e3a4
player.addperk 1c63e6
player.addperk 1c63e3
player.addperk 1c63e7
player.addperk 1c63ec
player.addperk 1c63e8
player.addperk 1c63e9
player.addperk 1c63e4
player.addperk 1c63eb
player.addperk 135f08
player.addperk 1d2479
player.addperk 1d247a
player.addperk 1d247b
player.addperk 1d2478
player.addperk ca99d
player.addperk ca99e
player.addperk ca99f
player.addperk 65e4b
player.addperk 65e4c
player.addperk 1d247c
player.addperk 1d247d
player.addperk 1d247e
player.addperk 4a0b6
player.addperk 4a0b7
player.addperk 4a0b8
player.addperk 6fa20
player.addperk 65e52
player.addperk 1acf98
player.addperk 1d247f
player.addperk 1d2480
player.addperk 1d2482
player.addperk 16578f
player.addperk 65e65
player.addperk 1d2483
player.addperk 1eb99c
player.addperk 4c935
player.addperk b9882
player.addperk b9883
player.addperk b9884
player.addperk b9881
player.addperk 4c92a
player.addperk 4c92b
player.addperk 4c92c
player.addperk 4d8a7
player.addperk 1d2484
player.addperk 1d2485
player.addperk 1d2487
player.addperk 1d2488
player.addperk 4b24e
player.addperk 65e5b
player.addperk 65e5c
player.addperk 1d2489
player.addperk 4a0ab
player.addperk 4a0ae
player.addperk 4a0af
player.addperk 65e5d
player.addperk 65e5e
player.addperk 4b259
player.addperk 1d1a62
player.addperk 1d1a63
player.addperk 1d2456
player.addperk d75e2
player.addperk 1d2457
player.addperk 1d2458
player.addperk e36ff
player.addperk e3700
player.addperk e3701
player.addperk 65e0c
player.addperk 4d890
player.addperk 1d2459
player.addperk 1d245a
player.addperk 4c91f
player.addperk 4c920
player.addperk 4c921
player.addperk 4c923
player.addperk 4c924
player.addperk 4c925
player.addperk 65e13
player.addperk 4c942
player.addperk 1acf98
player.addperk 1acf99
player.addperk 215cd4
player.addperk 4d895
player.addperk 65e20
player.addperk 65e21
player.addperk 1d245b
player.addperk 4d89e
player.addperk 65e22
player.addperk 65e23
player.addperk 4d8a2
player.addperk 65e3e
player.addperk 65e3f
player.addperk 4d881
player.addperk 1d244f
player.addperk 1d245c
player.addperk 4A0DA
player.addperk 4A0DB
player.addperk 4A0dc
player.addperk 16578e
player.addperk 65e24
player.addperk 1d245d
player.addperk 4a0d6
player.addperk 4a0d7
player.addperk 4a0d8
player.addperk 65e2a
player.addperk 65e2b
player.addperk 1b9a3e
player.addperk a2776
player.addperk a2775
player.addperk 1d2461
player.addperk 1d2462
player.addperk 1d2463
player.addperk 1d02b5
player.addperk 1d02b6
player.addperk 1d02b7
player.addperk 1dafe
player.addperk 1daff
player.addperk 1db00
player.addperk 65e42
player.addperk 65e43
player.addperk 65e34
player.addperk 4a0b9
player.addperk 24b00
player.addperk 24b01
player.addperk 4a0cf
player.addperk 1d2467
player.addperk 1d2467
player.addperk 1d2468
player.addperk 4d88d
player.addperk 1d2468
player.addperk 523ff
player.addperk 52401
player.addperk 52400
player.addperk 1d246a
player.addperk 1d246e
player.addperk 65e35
player.addperk 240331
player.addperk 1d2491
player.addperk 4d89e
player.addperk 65e22
player.addperk 65e23
player.addperk 4a0c5
player.addperk 4a0c6
player.addperk 4a0c7
player.addperk 6fa24
player.addperk 65e0d
player.addperk 4a0bb
player.addperk 1d2453
player.addperk 1d2454
player.addperk 1f418e
player.addperk 1d2451
player.addperk 1d2452
player.addperk 4a0d4
player.addperk 65e31
player.addperk 65e32
player.addperk 4b253
player.addperk 4b26a
player.addperk 264d8
player.addperk 4a0b5
player.addperk e36fc
player.addperk e36fd
player.addperk e36fe
player.addperk 65e05
player.addperk 65df9
player.addperk 65dfa
player.addperk 65dfb
player.addperk 65dfc
player.addperk 4d87a
player.addperk 65e03
player.addperk 65e04
player.addperk d2287
player.addperk 4b26d
player.addperk 1d244d
player.addperk 1d244e
player.addperk e9453
player.addperk 1d248e
player.addperk 4b254
player.addperk 4b255
player.addperk 4b256
player.addperk 1797ea
player.addperk 1e67f
player.addperk 4a0d9
player.addperk 1d2450
player.addperk 4c92d
player.addperk 24afd
player.addperk 24afe
player.addperk 4d872
player.addperk 65df6
player.addperk 24aff
player.addperk 1d2477
player.addperk 4d88a
player.addperk e3702
player.addperk e3703
player.addperk 1d248f
player.addperk 4d889
player.addperk 65e64
player.addperk 1acf96
player.addperk 264d9
player.addperk 264da
player.addperk 264db
player.addperk 16578f
player.addperk 4a0b0
player.addperk 1acf9a
player.addperk 1acf9b
player.addperk 1eb99c
player.addperk 4d89b
player.addperk 65e3c
player.addperk 65e3d
player.addperk 4d888
player.addperk 1d2475
player.addperk 1d2476
player.addperk 1d246f
player.addperk 1d2470
player.addperk 1d2471
player.addperk 4d8a6
player.addperk e3704
player.addperk e3705
player.addperk 4c93b
player.addperk 1d2495
player.addperk 4d886
player.addperk 65e37
player.addperk 65e38
player.addperk 4c329
player.addperk 1d2493
player.addperk 1d2494
player.addperk 4ddee
player.addperk 1d2492
player.addperk 1e0791
player.addperk 4b258
player.addperk 1d2490
player.addperk 1d2491
player.addperk 4c926
player.addperk 6fa1c
player.addperk 6fa1d
player.addperk 65e35
player.addperk 1d246b
player.addperk 1d246d
player.addperk 1d246e
player.addperk 52403
player.addperk 52404
player.addperk 52405
player.addperk 1d245d
player.setav strength 10
player.setav perception 10
player.setav endurance 10
player.setav charisma 10
player.setav intelligence 10
player.setav agility 10
player.setav luck 10

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