Legendary Chest Full of Legendaries bat file

Legendary Chest Full of Legendaries bat file

Sooooo… first thing ive felt like sharing on this site… normally I just heavily edit meshes and textures for my own use to make my game unique

Was trying to find specific legendary sets and weps through console commands… until I…

Typed “help legendary 4” into console

Scrolled up until I found a single CONT entry saying “001f8545 ‘Legendary Items'”

thought to myself “this looks interesting”

Typed “player.placeatme 1f8545 1”

Closed console and a chest spawned next me choc a bloc with legendary goodies!

Dunno if this is really a mod or if anyone else has found this so I thought id share, it could probably cause save game bloat or something but hasn’t corrupted anything for me… (yet 😛 ) id suggest console commanding it away once you’ve taken what you want from it just incase

made ze .txt…. nanananannanana… bat file… stick it in your /steam/steamapps/fallout4/ folder type “bat legendaryitems” into your console ingame.

takes a while for the chest to fill up, you will hear stuff “falling” into it for a few minutes

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