FO4 Rich Merchants


Tired of merchants having only 300 caps when you have lots of items to sell, including your old modde weapons that cost much more ? Then this mod is for you.

It adds 5000 caps to small shops and 10000 to normal shops, it modifyes the base calculation so it should work for all merchants of weapons, armors and medical supplies. It does not modify food shops.

I didn’t tested in every shop because I didn’t even finished my play but All the shops in Diamond City, Drumlin Diner and Carla (the traveler merch) show the capital increase so I assume that it would be the same in all the rest of shops.

If you find any shop that doesn’t have the caps post it and I’ll look into it.

Added another version with less caps, 1000 to small shops and 2000 to noral shops.

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