FO4 OPVaultSuit

FO4 OPVaultSuit

Have you wanted to experience the protection of power armor while wearing only the Vault Suit?

This mod changes Ballistic Weave mark 5 to give 1000 energy and physical resistance. Vault Suit’s Shielding Lining (top tier mod for it) gives 1000 radiation resist. This is intended to be used with mods that enable Ballistic Weave on the Vault Suit. With your head item and vault suit modified, you can have 2000 energy and physical resist, and 1000 radiation resist.

If you don’t have access to add the item modifications to your items due to a lack of Armorer or Science, use the console to give yourself the completed item mod as an item. For example, type “help ballistic 0” then find the ballistic weave mark 5 item in MISC and use additem to give it to yourself.

No, I won’t change other items/mods/values. Finding the appropriate value to hex edit and figuring out their number encoding was time-consuming. If you want something else changed, wait for the GECK.

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