Fallout 4 Heavy Rain 2

Fallout 4 Heavy Rain

Fallout 4 Heavy Rain 5Fallout 4 Heavy Rain 4Fallout 4 Heavy Rain 3Fallout 4 Heavy Rain 2Fallout 4 Heavy Rain

‘More Grass’ mod

(It’s hard to screenshot rain!)

Open the console ingame and type: fw 001ca7e4
to force the weather to rain.

The rain in Fallout4 has always felt much too weak to me, so I tried my best at improving it.
This mod doesn’t touch any textures so if you’re using a higher quality replacement rain texture it should work fine (not tested though, there could be some stretching).

I’ve only modified the values for 1 of the 3 rain states (I believe I’ve edited the most common one but I can’t be sure) so that it’s not always this heavy when it rains.

Install like any other mod:
Mod Manager is HIGHLY recommended and does everything for you
Otherwise, extract your chosen version to your data folder “\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\Data” and make sure you are set up to use mods.

V1 – initial release

No noticeable frame rate drop for me but your experience may vary.

I made these files quickly and decided to release them As such, if you decide to use this mod you accept full responsibility for anything that may occur, save corruptions, CTDs, etc. Whilst this is unlikely, you must be aware it is still a possibility.
These files have not been tested fully throughout the game. If you find any problems relating to this mod, please let me know.

Made using F04Edit

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