Clean Settlement

Clean Settlement

Clean Settlement

but felt despair at the horrible state that the settlers seem to leave things in?

Despair no more! Now we can teach those silly settlers how to pick up piles of leaves, trim old vines, and hem down the overgrown shrubs. They might not be able to feed themselves, build anything, or effectively keep raiders from using their heads as table ornaments, but at least now they’re somewhat useful for gardening!

Coming soon! Trash-free option!

So, how does it work? As the GECK is still in transit, and the FO4Edit attempt at dislocating texture references from the cells ended in a less-than-pleasant fashion for our pre-publishing trials, this takes the crude but effective method of overwriting the textures with 8×8 invisible replacements that are guaranteed to not interfere with your viewing pleasure.

As the new (invisible) textures are 8×8 size, they drastically reduce performance impact, allowing a nicer playthrough while you enjoy the leaf- and vine-free flooring.

Until Bethesda releases the proper tools for it, however, it’ll also affect the same textures throughout the Commonwealth – reducing vines and leaf piles from everywhere.


To install, just pick which version you would like, and install it via NMM, or if you wish a manual install, you should extract the archive you’d like into your Fallout4/Data folder.


This will overwrite any texture mods (such as 2k texture overhauls) with a small (8×8) invisible texture. If installing through the NMM, I recommend you select “Yes to all”.


Please, remember to ensure that your Fallout4.ini file is updated to include:


in the line that reads:



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