D.E.C.A.Y - Better Ghouls

D.E.C.A.Y – Better Ghouls

D.E.C.A.Y - Better Ghouls 2D.E.C.A.Y - Better Ghouls


Are you tired of the same old boring ferals with the slight difference in hues who look more like purses than monsters? So am I! So I made this. Now ghouls have exposed bones, skin mold, cuts, dents, tears and missing parts. All for your entertainment. High res too, 2k textures.

Fair warning, though. This mod is a work in progress, and the screenshots are taken on low settings. So chances are they look better in your game. But if you see any seams or anything, then, yeah. That’s because I still need to do testing and improvements.

F.A.Q with Timmy

“Hi, I’m Timmy, I’m twelve years old and my mum forgot to spike my school lunch with Ritalin. So my childlike curiosity is driving me to ask you questions.”

“Okay, Timmy. Go ahead.”

“How do I install this mod?”

“Just put the texture folder in the data folder.”

“Do you have any qualifications to make mods like this?”

“I made some pretty sweet face textures for New Vegas that people liked a lot.”

“Is this mod lore friendly? Your ghouls are green, like zombies, is that allowed?”

“What are you, a cop? The green is mold. Mold exists in the Fallout universe. It’s all above board, Timmy. You dirty narc.”

“Why isn’t it 42k resolution with 3D glasses support and covered in lens flares personally signed by JJ Abrams?”

“Because this is an aesthetics mod, not a graphics mod. The idea is to change the atmosphere and provide immersion through creativity; not cater to the needs of graphics snobs.”

“Okay, and, why did you include the glowing one .dds files even though you made no edits to the glowing ones?”

“I… erm… go play with the strange men in the park, Timmy.”

“And why do you always go inside our backyard shed with a big bottle, and then come out ten minutes later looking all dizzy?”


“When’s Pandemic II coming out?”

“I swear to god, Timmy, if I don’t see you on a milk carton in the NEXT. FIVE. SECONDS; I’m going to feed you to the albatrosses.”


– Ghoul with exposed spine/ribcage/kneecaps.
– Face with exposed skull.
– Ghoul with gunshot wounds and torn skin.
– Face with stitches, another face with large head injury.
– Ghoul with large diagonal scar across torso, and tears on his arms/legs.
– Face covered in boils, with missing skin over the eye.
– Face with missing skin around mouth.
– Face with a stapled head injury on one side, blunt trauma on the other.
– Face with sides of mouth split open.

– Pale ghoul with exposed ribcage/torn muscle tissue on the back.
– Pale face with cuts and red eyes.
– Pale face with exposed skull.
– Pale face with gashes, held together by safety pins.
– Pale face with part of brain exposed.

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