Workshoping New Settlers and Creatures

Workshoping New Settlers and Creatures

Mod used in two ways.
1. You create settlers and creatures on the workbench. Then the settlers are settlement object. They can move, they do not increase the population, fighting and walk around. But you can’t change them items, assign to specific objects and other settlements. They are more like walking security turrets.
2. You use the console to call settlers. Then they become absolutely normal settlers, like all the others. You only need to attach them to the settlement.

How to use the workbench:
Just create a workbench, and then create in it the settlers or creatures. After that, you select them in the inventory and throw them in the right place.

How to use the console:
First get ID’s of them, type this in the console:
“help “settler PA” 4″
Then type with selected from list ID:
“player.placeatme **001001”

Standart installation:
Then place the “WorkshopingNewSettlers.esp” from the “WorkshopingNewSettlers.rar” into your Data folder, and change “plugins.txt”.
You can delete the old “PASettlers.esp” mod.


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