Gloves Of The Commonwealtah - Crafting Workbench Patch

Gloves Of The Commonwealtah – Crafting Workbench Patch

Another patch to make stuff craftable ingame for those who don’t like using the console.

This time it’s fadingsignal’s Gloves of the Commonwealth – Equippable Gloves.
I added a new glove category to the Armor Workbench. All gloves can be found there.

Install and activate both Gloves of the Commonwealth and drdanzel’s Crafting Workbenches and then install this afterwards.

Item preview unfortunately shows the ground mesh of the complete outfit the gloves come from, I don’t think that can be fixed without the GECK and/or a newer version of Nifskope :(

If you have suggestions regarding what materials should be needed for each pair of gloves, please write it in the comments.
The screenshot shows the perk “armorer” to be required for crafting, but I removed that restriction before uploading the file.

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