Robot Model Display Stand

Robot Model Display Stand

Robot Model Display Stand 2Robot Model Display Stand

A stand for your rare collectible robot models!

Show off your rare models that you so painstakingly searched every Vault Tech lunch box for!

I hated how there was no stand to permanently display my precious robot models….so I made one!

This is a container like the one for the bobbleheads. Only model robots can be added to this stand. Once they are added, they appear on the stand and cannot be moved and are not effected by collision, just like the bobblehead stand does. You don’t have to worry about them disappearing when you get back home!!

Also, since these models are so F***ing rare and hard to find, I decided the value of 100 caps was way too low. They’re even more rare than the bobbleheads and those are worth 300 caps. So I raised the value to 500 caps. That way, if you do decided to sell one, you’ll get what they’re worth.

I also made the models part of the No Junk Jet Ammo category so those rare collectibles don’t get shot into someone’s skull. That would definitely decrease their value, lol.

Once the CK is released, I plan on making a unique texture just for the robot stand to compliment the Bobblehead stand.

FO4Edit was used to make this mod



– Download from the files section using NMM.

– That’s it!!


It is craftable at your settlement workshop under the same category as the bobblehead stand.


It’s compatible with anything that doesn’t directly edit the model’s themselves (The meshes and textures are ok). The stand is an entirely new object, so it can’t be F’ed up by any other mods :)


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