Vanilla Companions for Extra Companions ESP

Adds a copy of the vanilla companions that can follow you without taking up a follower slot. All these companions can follow you at once as well as one of the actual companions.

Pre-CK mod…

They have full follower features excluding the relationship chat(so far I know, I didn’t test it). They do not take up the follower slot so you can technically have multiple followers with this.

Extract files to Fallout 4 directory(…\steamapps\common\Fallout4\)

Make sure all txt files are in the same directory as Fallout4.exe and the esp’s in the Data folder.

To load the mod into the game edit this file:
…and add the .esp to the list of mods to load.

Make sure to mark the file as read-only after you edit it!

or Use a mod manager.

Go to Vault 111 exterior and click on the follower in console

Use the console command :
For Piper:

“bat Piper”
For Cait:

“bat Cait”
For Curie:

“bat Curie”
For Valentine:

“bat Valentine”
For Strong:

“bat Strong”
For Deacon:

“bat Deacon”
For X6-88:

“bat X6”
For MacCready:

“bat MacCready”
For Mysterious Stranger:

“bat Stranger”

Each follower has to be activated separately, but they can all be used at the same time if you wish.

PS: I really want to change the name of the mod to make more sense, so ideas anyone?

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