Sentrybot Follower ESP

Sentrybot Follower ESP

It does not take up the follower slot so you can technically have more than one follower with this.

Extract files to Fallout 4 directory(…\steamapps\common\Fallout4\)

REMEMBER: The txt files should be in the same directory as the Fallout4.exe NOT the Data folder as NMM places it.

Go to Vault 111 exterior and click on the sentrybot in console
Use the console command :
“bat sentry”

to get it to follow you around.

To load the mod into the game edit this file:
…and add Neo.esp to the list of mods to load.

Make sure to mark the file as read-only after you edit it!

or Use a mod manager.

The sentrybot MIGHT get attacked by your settlement defenses.

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