Recruit any NPC as Follower

As there is no Creation Kit yet (early 2016), I have decided to make my first mod in the form a bat script file.

I present to you the “Recruit any NPC as Follower” mod.

This mod will allow you to set NPCs as companions/followers in which you can command them to get things for you, follow you, trade with you, be your pack mule or whatever…makes your settlers sometimes more useful.

Place the text file into your Fallout 4 game directory.

Open up your console command, (~), and click on any NPC and type “bat followme”. This should do a few commands and there you go, you can talk to the NPC again and it should add a dialogue menu like followers have.

It’s a bit buggy since most NPCs aren’t allowed to become followers or supposed to do this, so bare with the mod, you can at least have a mini army.

To make them follow you, keep spamming the command go to, you can also just fast travel and they will teleport to you.

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