Sci-Fi Shiny Overlay  2

Sci-Fi Shiny Overlay

Sci-Fi Shiny Overlay 4Sci-Fi Shiny Overlay  3Sci-Fi Shiny Overlay  2Sci-Fi Shiny Overlay

Pretty simple edit that I didn’t see anyone else upload, so I figured that I would do so. This gives your vault suits a shiny metallic finish. Make everyone jealous and show off the suit to the Commonwealth that people can really see themselves in.

This changes the textures to be shiny, as pointed out by MercerLeonhart, this will make any of your standard vault suit textures and texture mods to become metallic and shiny. In a vanilla state, it will make your vault suit silver and metallic, but with a modded state will add the metal look to the current vault suit color of your choosing.

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