NekoPara Vault Suits

Replaces the numbers on the back of the Vault Suits (Dirty & Clean) with NekoPara characters.

Please note that this mod will not replace or change the actual Vault Suit, just the numbers on the back.

Each of the Vault Suits (75, 81, 95, 101, 111, & 114) have their own image.

Currently only available with chibi as an option. I will make the non-chibi ones soon.
If those are the ones you want, check back in about a day or so.

If you like the artwork on a certain vault suit, but don’t own it in game,
you could always just use the console to obtain it quickly.

Vault 75 Dirty: player.additem 00225f7e
Vault 75 Clean: player.additem 0022da67
Vault 81 Dirty: player.additem 001103a4
Vault 81 Clean: player.additem 0022da69
Vault 95 Dirty: player.additem 0022da73
Vault 95 Clean: player.additem 0022da66
Vault 101 Dirty: player.additem 000976b3
Vault 101 Clean: player.additem 0022da6a
Vault 111 Dirty: player.additem 0001eed7
Vault 111 Clean: player.additem 000976b7
Vault 114 Dirty: player.additem 000976b5
Vault 114 Clean: player.additem 0022da68

I encourage users to upload their own screenshots to the mod page!

Also, works with all Vault Suit replacement/re-texture mods, as images provided shows.

Vault Suit mod in the images is: Black Vaultsuit by shiz0

Install using NMM, or place the Textures folder inside Fallout 4’s Data folder.

If there are any issues, let me know.
If you have suggestions, let me know as well.

If anyone is familiar with making fomod NMM Installer packages, let me know.
Would like to eventually make this mod into a single download package with Installer.

NekoPara, the characters, and artwork is copywiten and owned by NEKO WORKs!
Permission was given to me by both NEKO WORKs and Sekai Project (publisher) for use of the artwork.

Please do not distributed or edit these files as it uses copywriten artwork!
If you wish to share this mod, you may only link them to the mod page.
This mod is for personal use only!

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