FO 4 Bags Mod

FO 4 Bags Mod

This is mod add basic bags (not backpacks) that increase maximum carried weight.
Have 3 bags type:
1.Small Bag (15 leather, +25 max weight)
2.Medium Bag (40 leather, +50 max weight)
3.Big Bag (80 leather, +100 max weight)

You’ll find recipes on Cooking station under Utility section.
(i know this strange idea)

Bags have no model on wearing, its ok.


1.Extract BagsMod.esp into your Data folder
2.Edit file C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Fallout4\plugins.txt
3.Add BagsMod.esp to the list.
4.Set this file to read-only

|| Unistall ||

Delete BagsMod.esp from plugins.txt list and data folder


Bags Mod by tyrbo123
Made in FO3edit
thanks skyrimlu for answers, for tutorial

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