Better vault suits

Better vault suits

Back in the days various vault suits used to give various benefits when worn, but for some reason the Commonwealth ones lack those buffs.

I’ve tried to give them benefits based on the lore or ‘current’ state of their vaults (some fit better than others).
The stats are the same for the normal and clean versions.

Vault 75: +1 Endunrance and Intelligence
Vault 81: +1 Perception and +15 carry weight
Vault 95: +1 Agility and Luck
Vault 111: +1 Endurance and Charisma
Vault 114: +1 Strength and +10% melee damage

Currently only 81, 111 and 114 can be found normally in the game, for the rest here are the IDs.
(When I figure out how to add items to the world I’ll add the rest – hints and help in this regard are welcome).

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