Loot Powered Armor Frame 2

Loot Powered Armor Frame

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Read this before you act
This is a barely a compensation for the bug that you cannot loot the Powered Armor from NPC. Please read this and then use Art 1 if you how get a stolen PA
I consider this is a bug since you can not loot the Frames from npcs (raiders mostly) that wear the Powered Armor,
there are ways to loot them see Artic2 (some people may already know).
Once you done that you can act Artic 1 to make the PA your own rather than each time you see the annoying ‘Steal’ patton when you access the PA
use ‘~’ to open console, click the PA, note the ID is rather different
either type ‘bat lootpa’ or ‘setownership’

The only effective way so far that you can loot the NPC Powered Armor frame is by stealing their FCore forcing them to the exit the PA
then you kill the NPC (they will try to find you and kill you anyway), then you are able to access the PA by putting another FCore
but this methods leaves the PA with a red mark of stolen goods and it is annoying
in case you dont know how to steal the FCore see the pics as example
000 NPC PA frames are rather easier to find at this location, there is always a raider waster with PA
001 you may get attention first to draw out the minions to kill first or simply snip them one by one
003 but leave the PA NPC alive and well if possible
004 find a place safe if before you act and let your companion wait there
005 once you cleared the minions and stealthly close to the NPC with PA
006 Save before you start to steal the FCore (if stealing unsuccessful you have to try again)
007 the NPC will exit the PA since there is no power
009 kill NPC
010 now the PA is for the taken but will appear as stolen goods
011 use ‘~’ to open console, click the PA, note the ID is rather different
012 either type ‘bat lootpa’ or setownership
013 now you will see the PA is yours
014 you can mode it as you wish
BTW: 1. the abve location usually spwan a healthy and full set of Raider PA
2. there seems to be another way that you blow the NPC FCore during fighting and there is a chance
the PA will still stand for taking but also and still as stolen goods. this is some player metioned
online i tried to test it but never been successful leave a comment if you have. thus stealing FCore is much easier

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