Baby don’t run away… (fix for unique settlement merchants)


I was tired of my unique merchants disappearing every day, so I addressed it using FO4edit and managed to prevent them from leaving, and 6 (out of 7) are lvl 4 merchants.

Using FO4edit, and some console commands.

Check the images to see the unique merchants working (I’ll test the remaining 1 next version)


Unique settlers affected:

Ron Staples – lvl 4 restaurant
Doc Anderson – lvl 4 surgery center
The Scribe – lvl 4 armor vendor
Smiling Larry – lvl 4 weapon vendor
Anne Hargraves – lvl 4 clothing vendor
Vault-Tec rep – lvl 4 general trader
Trander Rylee – unlike the other, can’t get her to lvl 4 general trader as of now (but she stays at your settlement, doesn’t disappear)

Holt Combes – next version


— METHOD 1 —
Install by adding a file to NMM

— METHOD 2 —
If you choose to install manually….

– Open the .rar file
– Grab the ”Merchants fix.esp” file
– Drop into your Fallout 4 Data folder
– select it in your load order

Adding the merchants to your settlements and the correct shop:

Easiest way is to teleport them to you, because

1) 4 of them are random spawns
2) when you find all 7 around the world (I’ll test remaining 1 next version), most of the times they have a bug where they never arrive to your settlement


0) Warning: 2 of the 7 unique merchants (Smiling Larry and Anne Hargraves) have other conditions, see below…

1) You need to have 30 settlers minimum (by connecting settlements using supply lines) and all lvl 3 merchant stalls already built

2) Go to your settlement and be sure you have enough food, water, beds AND the settlement hasn’t reached the maximum settlers cap

3) open console and type (see ref id below)

– prid “ref id goes here”

– disable

– moveto player

– enable

(if the don’t appear, type “kill” then “resurrect”)

4) talk to them and choose 1st option to ask them to work for you and select the current settlement

5) now open console and type again “moveto player” (even if they move close to nothing…)

(if it works, from this stage on, when you talk to them, the “recruit” option is gone and replaced by something like “What’s your story?”) –> if not, reload and repeat the process

6) now assign them to the respective merchant stall

Note: if after step 5 the option to recruit never goes away, try this (works with Ron Staples) –> assign him to the shop, wait for him to get to the stall, open the shop, then fast travel away and come back. Sleep for some days and look at this shop then (the option to recruit should be gone)

About Smiling Larry: he has a bug where he can’t be ordered and assigned. Fix (found it here):

– open console
– prid 0002f2a7
– setpv bCommandable 1
– setpv bAllowMove 1
– setpv bAllowCaravan 1
– close the console box
– fast travel to anywhere (somewhere far away from your settlement)
– fast travel back to Larry

About Anne Hargraves: she can only be recruited after (SPOILER……………) completing the side quest Curtain Call and freeing Rex Goodman

Ref id:

Ron Staples – 192357
Doc Anderson – 190047
The Scribe – 10d56d
Smiling Larry – 2f2a7
Anne Hargraves – 36d72
Trander Rylee – 3eff3
Vault-Tec rep – 31fb4




0.2 – updated .esp and added instructions (inside .rar file) on how to get Rylee working as a lvl 4 trader

optional file 0.1 – all 8 unique merchants flagged as essential

0.1 – 1st version


– Delete the Merchants fix.esp file


One thought on “Baby don’t run away… (fix for unique settlement merchants)

  1. edrakken

    I thought it was kinda weird, but with a speech challenge, I was able to recruit Ann Hargraves before I saved Rex… hadn’t even gone to Trinity tower yet, LoL…not saying it would always work, but, eh, save before you try it…


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