Realistic Weapon Sounds

Realistic Weapon Sounds

I aim to make the weapon sound of the wasteland more realistic, and/or better sounding. In starting, I plan to only mod the ballistic weapons to sound better, I may add onto this. I will not be touching any of the “handling” sounds (Things like reloading, rechambering, etc), only the sounds of the gun firing.

Sound Completion Colors
Done – Sounds are 100% done and modified. (this may change due to any audio issues/bugs)
In Progress – Some of these sounds have been modified (They may NOT work)
Untouched – None of these sounds have been modified

Player gun sounds (when YOU fire the gun)
Semi Auto 10mm Pistol
Full Auto 10mm Pistol
Semi Auto/bolt action Pipe – Game considers these the same thing
Full Auto Pipe
Pipe Revolver
.44 Magnum Revolver – includes Unique variants
Flare Gun

Semi Auto Combat Rifle/Assault Rifle – Game considers these the same thing
Auto Combat Rifle/Assault Rifle
Hunting Rifle – .38 & .308
Hunting Rifle – .50 cal

Semi Auto Combat Shotgun
Full Auto Combat Shotgun
Double Barrel Shotgun

Sub-machine Gun

Rocket Launcher fire sound
Grenade “ready” pin pull sound
Pistol and rifle aiming sounds

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