UNISHER v2 -Black Punisher Inspired Combat Armor- 2k

UNISHER v2 -Black Punisher Inspired Combat Armor- 2k

UNISHER v2 -Black Punisher Inspired Combat Armor- 2k 2UNISHER v2 -Black Punisher Inspired Combat Armor- 2k


Standalone Player Only Combat Armor in Black with Punisher inspired Skull.
2k resolution texture replacer for Combat armor in Black with White Skull on Chestpiece.
Can be Worn with any Underarmor such as road leather, Harness etc.
Comes with Black bOs Officer Underarmor.
Made with FO4edit


-Extract the Archive

-Open PUNISHER v2 -Black folder.

-Copy Data folder into your Fallout 4 install. dir

-Open Fallout4prefs.ini & under [Launcher] add “bEnableFileSelection=1” w/o quotationmarks. then Save the ini.

-open Fallout4.ini search for “sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\” add “, TEXTURES\

-if it looks like this : sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\ “Save the ini”


Open Fallout 4 Console.
To access the console, use the grave accent key (`) while in-game. The grave accent key shifts to tilde (~) on US keyboards, and the not symbol (¬) on UK keyboards. Other keyboard layouts will differ, but the key is usually to the left of 1, and just under the Escape key (Esc).[source: ThheFalloutWiki]

Type in console :
[ChestArmor] player.additem 01000806 1
[Left Leg] player.additem 01000807 1
[Right Leg] player.additem 01000808 1
[right Arm] player.additem 01000809 1
[Left Arm] player.additem 0100080A 1
[UnderArmor] player.additem 0100081D 1


Display the Item ID’s ingame

Type in Console Help Punisher 4 armo for the full list of the items and their ID.

Skull Art by Ururuty @devinatart.com
Tmar09 for the Information on how to display all items at once!



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