Standalone X-01 Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor Paint Set (All ranks)

This is my first attempt at a mod so please, any feedback is welcome!

—————— UPDATE SECTION ———————–
-I have a few requests for decal-less bodies so I’ll upload one when I get a chance. To reduce the overhead and keep the mod relatively clean, I’m just going to upload a single version of each 1) completely no decals and 2) one with just BoS. You can then just rename it to whichever body piece you want to replace in the Data\Textures\Armor\PowerArmor\ directory and overwrite. I’ll also include a single arm texture you can use to do the same thing to remove the stripes. I appreciate the feedback and it’s great hearing even if you don’t like some of it, the rest is worth using.

-Value of STR set bonus is being investigated
-Shoulder decals added to a to-do list, might take me a little while – my work flow is pretty awful but it’s improving! This would also require a different .esp so to avoid asking people to deal with multiple changing textures and .esps, I won’t upload it till I can offer it as it’s own standalone shoulder(arm) version.

—————- END UPDATE SECTION ——————-

I wanted to show off my BoS style in the new armor set, so I made this little mod. It allows you to individually paint each piece through a normal power armor station as you would normally. It has options for all 5 armor slots for each rank 1(Initiate) to 7(Elder)

Legs/helmets have the same appearance on all ranks.
Arms vary depending on rank, having 1 or 2 stripes.
Body has BoS and rank insignia for each rank.

The pieces have the BoS strength bonus if you wear all BoS (can mix-and-match rank pieces). I resisted the urge to really add in any other stats – gave each piece a tiny, symbolic increase in damage reduction, and the durability of the pieces is a bit higher than average, but I’d just chalk that up to superior BoS maintenance 😉

Textures are included due to the basic change of appearance (less fat turtle and more Steel). There are individual bodies for each rank because I can’t see how the engine is applying decals other than swapping ones in to replace a blank one that’s already placed – something that none of the X-01 have. With the current state of modding tools and my knowledge, I also wasn’t able to set when each rank is available so they’re all available immediately if you have the X-01 armor to paint.

To any other modders out there, FWIW, all the pieces have their corresponding “dn_HasMaterial_BOSRANK” keyword added. I believe it’s just to add the prefix (which exists due to the T-60 versions), not sure if there is any other effect.

Make sure your .ini files are updated!

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4Prefs.ini
under [Launcher]

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4.ini
under [Archive]

Extract contents of the .zip directly to your Fallout4\Data\ folder

Make sure X1_BOS is ticked when you load the plugins by clicking here on the Fallout Launcher splash

Just delete the textures/materials added by this mod and delete the .esp. I don’t know what happens if you delete it and still have the armor paints being used, so if you want to be super cautious, unpaint your armor and SAVE YOUR GAME before uninstalling.

Thanks to Hocter whose armor inspired this one
Credit to expired6978 for making the compiler for standalone versions
Hallowann’s skin is the black and red power frame in some screenshots

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