Power Armor Materials AND Paints 3

Power Armor Materials AND Paints

Power Armor Materials AND Paints 4Power Armor Materials AND Paints 3Power Armor Materials AND Paints 2Power Armor Materials AND Paints


Well, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who found it weird that paints and materials were not separated, I mean you could apply the paint ON the material, so why not have both?
And so this is my attempt at fixing that.

What does this do?

It lets you choose both materials and paints for each piece of each power armor, except for the raider one, which only has access to 2 materials.


There are 2 versions:
– The original (nothing more to say really)
– The alternative, which is the same except for the fact that photovoltaic coating is a material instead of a paint.

Choose the one you prefer.


It would most likely conflict with any mod that changes the base power armors, since I mostly made modifications on that.
It should not conflict with any mod adding paints, and with update 0.2a, paints added from other mods should all be in the “Paint” category.

Known Issue(s):

– The piece does not get the 2 name modifications (for example, if you have both flames paint and explosive shielding, the name does not become “shielded flames”, but only “shielded”).
– The default paint is not the “No Paint Mod”.

Not really big issues, and honestly, I don’t know how to solve it, at least not yet.

Still, it seems to be working, even if I most likely overlooked a few things (or more than a few), so it’s more like a start than like a finished mod.
Feel free to report any problem you see.

This mod was made with FO4Edit.


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