Layerable Apparel 2

Layerable Apparel

Layerable Apparel 2Layerable Apparel

Underwear can now be layered under Outerwear. ??Every?? apparel item that can be equipped has been sorted in Pipboy and container inventories into layers and placement (body part).

Torso, Arms and Legs can now be layered with Underwear, Outerwear, Armor and Power Armor. Long Johns and Corset can be equipped (invisibly but effectively) underneath of regular clothing (Outerwear). Adds girth. All Armor pieces can be equipped over all Outerwear and Underwear (with very few exceptions). Power Armor over all of that. On the head, Gas Mask and Gas Mask w/ Goggles can now be equipped under most helmets and hats. ??More glasses can be worn inside more flight helmets??

??All?? cloth based apparel and underwear can be modified by the Railroad Weave and the Vault Tec lining at armor workbenches; this now includes all bandanas, gas masks, hats, outfits, and other apparel that are not mostly plastic, metal or synthetic. Armor and Power Armor can not be modified by the Railroad Weave or the Vault Tec lining. Cloth based apparel can not be modified with Leather or Metal Armor mods or Power Armor mods.

??Most likely not compatible with other armor mods??

Download and install only one file, the optional version is without brackets.
Manual or NMM
Extract to Data folder

Currently a work in progress. Please help troubleshoot, this is my first upload. Please use a subject line like “bug report”, “permission request”, etc.

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