Harness - Daisy Nukes - Shorts 5

Harness – Daisy Nukes – Shorts

Harness - Daisy Nukes - Shorts 5Harness - Daisy Nukes - Shorts 4Harness - Daisy Nukes - Shorts 3Harness - Daisy Nukes - Shorts 2Harness - Daisy Nukes - Shorts

It’s just shorts. 😛

It Replaces the raider harness female mesh/textures. We are not at the point where we can add armors easily.

Use only one file at a time.

Make sure you’ve made the necessary INI edits before trying to install this.

1-Extract in Game folder.

2-Change Fallout4.ini ( located in the same folder that your saves folder is in )
where sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\

Be sure Materials, Meshes, and Textures are added, all three, or it won’t work.

Q & A

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Do you even?
Eh eh.

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