FSA - Standalone

FSA – Standalone

FSA - Standalone 2FSA - Standalone


Adds the 7 armors and 6 Berets to the crafting list. They can be crafted from a ChemLab Station and reside in their own section “Camouflage Gear”

Camo Attire Requirements:

Adhesive – 25

Ballistic Fiber – 25

Cloth – 25

Leather – 25

Beret Requirements:

Adhesive – 10

Ballistic Fiber – 10

Cloth – 10

Leather – 10

7 Standalone camouflaged re-textured field scribe armors. 6 Standalone Berets. Fully integrated into the Level Lists . Optional Minute Men and BoS replacers Via level list. Armorsmith Extended Compatibility patch included.

The “Replacers” were made by going into most outfits and putting in the custom level list for my armor and berets, so the npcs should wear different versions – If you decided to use the Minute Men or Brotherhood of Steel Replacers, that is.

You will find The Armors and Berets through a few vendors throughout the land. Do have fun!


7 Armors:

3 Woodland Camo

Desert Camo

Arctic Camo

Urban Camo

Red Camo

6 Berets:








Use the NMM to download the file. The mod has an FOMod installer to make things easier for you. You will have a choice to install the standard version or the AE version. Install the Standard version along with any optional additions included if you do NOT use the Armorsmith Extended mod. Likewise, install the AE versions if you DO use Armorsmith Extended.

If you wish to install manually:

Extract the contents of the Core file to your Data Directory. Extract either the Default file or or the AE file into your Data Directory (default for non AE. AE for AE comp). The BoS1 and MM1 files contain the standard version of the replacers for the brotherhood of steel. The BoS2 and MM2 contain the AE versions.


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