Brotherhood of Steel Uniforms Redux

It’s just a small tweak with all of the three types of BOS jumpsuits, the BOS Fatigues, and Engineer Armor. It allows compatibility with the Vault-Suit lining miscellaneous mods, as well as the Railroad Ballistic Weave upgrade.

The Field Scribe Armors also has Ballistic Weave upgrade, but instead of a Vault Lining, it has the similar Misc upgrades like that of the Leather Armor Chest Piece, as well as bonus 60 Carry Weight since you won’t be able to add any more other armor pieces that increase carry weight.

The Gray BOS Uniform gives a +5 DR, while the normal orange BOS Uniform gives +2 DR.

Also, as a bit of a bonus, since the BOS Officer Uniform is kind of one-of-a-kind in game, so i made it into a Legendary Item. +15 DR, ER, and RR, with +1 Endurance, Perception, and Charisma.

Lastly, to make it not-wierd, the Vault-Suit Misc-Mods are now renamed into simply Jumpsuit Mod. When fully upgraded with Shielded Lining and Ballistic Weave MkV, It gives off +125 DR, +130 ER and +20 RR.

Toned Down Version:

For those that deemed it too powerful, there is a toned down version. Both the Grey and Orange jumpsuits now just provide normal +1 DR but still upgradable. BOS Officer Black uniform offers +5 DR, ER and RR, and only +1 Charisma. Field-Scribe Armor now only provides +50 Carry Weight from +60.

Obviously just install either the normal (“OP”) or the Toned-Down version.

– BOS Uniforms, Fatigues, Field Scribe Armor and Engineer Armor now can be upgraded by Vault Misc Linings, and Railroad Ballistic Weave.
– BOS Officer Uniform is now a Legendary. Adds really really good bonus. If you can find it.
– Also the other BOS Fatigues are upgradable too.
– Vault Misc Mods are now renamed “Jumpsuit”
– The Field Scribe Armor have Leather Armor Chestpiece Upgrades instead of Vault-Suit Lining upgrades, and it has +60 Carry Weight.


000dedeb (orange)
002223e3 (gray)
000134294 (officer black)

The6thMessenger and Bethesda

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