Better (Manly) Female Sitting Animation

Better (Manly) Female Sitting Animation

What it does:
Let’s be honest, most females in the wasteland are pretty bad-ass. But for some reason, bethesda thought it was a good idea to give the female characters their own much more “shy/strict/tense/tidy” animation.

In my opionion, it just looks silly

This is a very simple mod that replaces the default female sitting animation with the male one.

– Replaces the female chair sitting idles with the male ones.


1. Extract the .zip file into the data folder located in DRIVE:\Path\To\Fallout4 (Usually C:\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Fallout 4)
2. Done!

With Nexus Manager:
1. Install Nexus Mod Manager
2. Click on Download With Manager next to the manual download.
3. Double click on the mod in NMM
4. Done!


1. Remove the chair folder in DRIVE:\Path\To\Fallout4\data\meshes\actors\character\animations\furniture\
2. Done!

With Nexus Manager:
1. Select the mod in NMM
2. Click on the ‘X’ symbol on the left
3. Done!

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