Better Armor Mod Descriptions


> Optional file compatible with Mcgan’s Power Armor MaterialS AND Paints v0.3b available.

Ever wondered how much a Dense Chestpiece actually reduces explosive damage or how much energy damage Power Armor Tesla Bracers really add? Then give this mod a try and see the actual numbers instead of vague descriptions!

Similar to Better Weapon Mod Descriptions, this mod strives to bring clarity to your armor mods by changing the descriptions of almost all armor mods, including normal armor, power armor and legendary armor effects.

As such, BAMD unfortunately will not be compatible with any other mod that modifies any armor mod.
It leaves all values at their vanilla setting and merely lists them all – including some which weren’t actually noted in the old descriptions but still present.

Want a concrete example? Here’s how it affects the VATS Matrix Overlay Power Armor mod:

Old Description: Increases VATS hit chance.
We know what it does. But how much?

New Description: +10% VATS Accuracy.
Just good old fashioned numbers: 10%.

These kinds of changes have been applied to all armor mods (including legendary mods, normal armor mods and power armor mods) in the game, revealing actual numbers for those who like their descriptions actually, well, descriptive.


Better Armor Mod Descriptions is not compatible with any mod that changes any values of armor modifications. This doesn’t include custom textures, sounds etc., only the actual statistics and values.

BAMD could be made compatible with any such mod with a small bit of work, just leave a request.


Has been made compatible with: Power Armor Materials AND Paints by Mcgan. Check the Optional Files!

-Armor Mod descriptions may appear fairly small due to increased text length. This cannot be changed unfortunately. Sorry if you find reading small text difficult!
-The following descriptions were left unchanged as their exact effect is difficult to determine: Explosive Vent (Power Armor Legs), Kinetic Dynamo (Power Armor Torso)

Created with FO4Edit 3.1.3 for Fallout 4 1.2.37

Other mods visible in the images: Darker Nights, RealisticLights


Check the following articles with videos by Gopher on how to enable and install mods for Fallout 4:
Enabling Mods for Fallout 4
Fallout 4: Installing Mods on PC (Manually)

To install this mod, simply place your chosen .esp into the Fallout 4/Data folder.

If you haven’t done so already, enable mods by adding the following line to your Fallout4Prefs.ini file under the [Launcher] section: bEnableFileSelection=1
If this line is already present but ends in 0, simply change it to 1.

Once this is done, the mod should automatically be loaded when you next start Fallout 4. If it is not, you need

to add it to your load order, found under AppData/Local/Fallout4/plugins.txt in your User folder.
Add a new line with your chosen ESPs full name (e.g. ConsistentAluminium.esp) and save the file. It should now load the mod if it it placed in your Data folder.


To uninstall this mod, simply remove the ESP from your Fallout 4/Data folder.

Takaru Minari

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