Dark Submariner Uniform (Standalone Armour)

Mod adds a new craftable black armour based on the submariner armour. Works for both female and male.
It’s not magnificent texture work by any means, basically just a recolour I made it for myself and throught I’d share. It’s good enough for me 😛

• Craft at chemistry station
• Upgrade with Ballistic Weave at the armour station
• It clips horribly with armour pieces so I didn’t enable them.
• It has the chameleon legendary enchantment, so you will stealth when sneaking and not moving.

The hairstyle is called Anchorage. Presumably unlocks once you find the 2 hairstyle magazines.

Feel free to make patches, use in your own mods, on followers, etc. as long as you link back to this mod and let me know you used it.


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